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Digital factory of R. Nussbaum AG in SAP

Continuity, innovation and security are deeply anchored at R. Nussbaum AG. With the software of mobisys and its implementation partner trimaster, the manufacturer and distributor of fittings and installation systems relies on networked, future-proof SAP processes in production and makes them significantly more effective.

About R. Nussbaum AG

R. Nussbaum AG produces and distributes fittings and installation systems and provides services in the field of building services throughout Switzerland.

Company Facts

  • 500 employees
  • 17 stores in Switzerland
  • 50 MSB licenses for mobile devices
MSB in use


MSB im Einsatz bei Nussbaum

Digital processes in production

Durability and progress go hand in hand at Nussbaum. The family business is mastering the step to the digital factory with mobisys and its partner trimaster.

  • Change of media: from paper and pinboards to mobile devices and smart processes
  • Expiring maintenance, rigid processes and insufficient integration with
    SAP of the previous software
  • Elimination of sources of error and expenditure of time due to paper documentation of operational data and quality inspection
  • IT demands new system without interface problems and administration of additional infrastructure

This was implemented:

From paper and pinboards to mobile devices and smart processes, with the MSB from mobisys.

  • Digital data acquisition: all operating data and quality inspection data in production
  • Software strongly networked: Merging tasks in logistics, quality management and production in one app
  • Live data: Order overview, order progress and status overview
  • Step-by-step tracking and unique assignment of the personnel number to each booking

Benefits for Nussbaum

  • High data quality: through direct system integration and ensuring correct
    data input
  • In-depth analyses: reliable key figures on product quality and operating data
  • Dynamic processes: with the integrated development tool from mobisys, adjustments are easy to implement yourself or with implementation partner trimaster
  • Minimal IT effort: thanks to direct SAP integration, IT effort is reduced to hardware procurement and individual additions to the infrastructure
  • Consistent software: updates and ongoing certification guaranteed by MSB
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With the digitization and consolidation of all processes by MSB, we have eliminated data breaks. We have all production data available in real time and thus achieve a significant increase in efficiency in our administrative processes.

Beat BobstHead of production, R. Nussbaum AG

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