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Connecting external systems to SAP

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With the MSB Device Connector, a large number of different devices can be connected directly to the SAP system, thus ensuring secure and direct communication and control. Commands can be sent from the SAP system to the devices, for example to control a specific compartment of an automatic storage rack, and data such as the weight can be requested from a scale, received and processed further in the process.

In the video, we show the versatile possibilities of the MSB in a simple and playful way using a coffee order via app.

Automated SAP processes with the MSB Device Connector

The MSB Device Connector is a tool developed entirely in ABAP that provides communication and conversion routines that convert incoming and outgoing data and allow preparation and processing in standard ABAP function modules. Depending on the device type, communication can be uni- or bidirectional.

With the help of the MSB Device Connector, various scenarios can be realized exclusively with standard SAP on-board tools in ABAP. Extensive configuration tables allow the developer to connect almost any number of different end devices to SAP.

Devices to be connected to the MSB Device Connector can be, for example

  • Scales & stationary barcode scanners
  • Paternoster and other storage rack systems
  • Autonomous warehouse robots
  • Analog sensors (temperature, pressure, etc.)
  • Display panels, displays, visualization displays
  • Any devices or controllers with Ethernet interface
Download Whitepaper MSB Device Connector

Four application scenarios from logistics

The combined use of mobile data collection in conjunction with the MSB Device Connector is the basis for the implementation of smart, efficient and simple mobile processes. The white paper provides you with more information about how the MSB Device Connector works and how it can be used based on the following four example scenarios:

  • Determining the weight of packages in the packaging process
  • Connection of a paternoster rack in the picking process
  • Connection of autonomous transport systems, e.g. from Fetch Robotics
  • Temperature monitoring and documentation in the production process

What added value does MSB offer you?