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Mobisys Quadrat Blau

SAP in Retail

Retail processes cost-efficient & mobile

The Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB) can be used to mobilize retail processes in SAP cost-effectively. Process, function and screen changes can be implemented sustainably, quickly and cost-effectively by any SAP developer using the integrated MSB development tool. This means that all processes at the POS can be quickly adapted to new requirements and efficiently operated via PDC devices in real time in the SAP system.
  • Parallel operation of existing and new MDE devices from any manufacturer on a wide range of operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) with one software possible
  • Faster response times for process and function optimization
  • Quality assurance and reduced susceptibility to errors in order picking and replenishment processes
  • Offline use in poorly or not at all illuminated areas

What added value does MSB offer you?