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Mobisys Quadrat Blau

Software for mobile
SAP applications

With the Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB) software product, we provide you a perfect tool for quick and easy implementation of mobile SAP processes. With its functional frontend and intelligent user guidance, MSB simplifies and accelerates your business processes. You can rely on over 30 years of process experience in intralogistics and product development with continuous release security.

MSB Mobisys Solution Builder

Work more efficiently with perfect tools

IT infrastructure performance

MSB is integrated into your existing IT infrastructure as an SAP add-on and guarantees optimum technical performance, low administration costs and simple management.

Happy end users

Significantly higher user acceptance thanks to a user-friendly app that is fun to use. Intuitive process guidance and integrated device functions ensure satisfied end users.

Fast implementation

Immediate project start thanks to templates and integrated developer tools. Mobile SAP processes can be implemented and used productively with minimal development effort.

Efficient development

One application – one language: ABAP. Adaptations are possible just-in-time. Changes can be implemented flexibly and independently of external resources.

Future-proof investment

MSB is not only independent of the devices and operating systems used, but can also be used globally and flexibly, is scalable throughout the company and has been SAP certified since 1998.

MSB Software – Mobile data collection directly & easily in SAP

MSB software for mobile SAP processes

One Infrastructure – Add-on directly in SAP.
Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB)

So that you can implement and develop your SAP applications with just one infrastructure, our software is integrated directly as an add-on in your existing SAP system. Without middleware and without a complex infrastructure!

With our integrated developer tools, you can develop or expand your mobile applications easily and completely independently. The actual execution of the application takes place with the MSB app for all devices with iOS or Android operating systems. Smooth communication with your SAP system during mobile data collection is consistently ensured. What’s more, you can easily manage your end devices in the software and define authorizations, roles and work areas according to your needs.

Develop mobile applications easily.
With integrated developer tools.

The MSB developer tools are fully installed as an add-on in the SAP system. To define mobile applications in the SAP system, you use an ABAP code generator. This allows you to create applications consisting of individual transactions, masks and components suitable for your respective end devices. The ABAP function modules for the flow logic are then generated at the touch of a button. These can then be filled with your specific ABAP code. This significantly reduces the programming effort and processes can be implemented and adapted quickly and easily.

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Applikationsentwicklung mit dem Mobisys Solution Builder
benutzerfreundliche Screens per Drag & Drop mit dem MSB Screendesigner

UX-optimized screens.
With the best graphics tool.

The MSB is supplied with a graphical tool with which applications can be created easily and without hardware-specific programming. This allows you to quickly and easily create user interfaces for mobile devices with different screen sizes using WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”).

You can easily change existing masks or create new layouts using drag & drop and save them directly in your SAP system. By using your own templates and inserting descriptive graphics and self-explanatory icons, you reduce the development effort enormously and achieve optimum user acceptance.

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Optimize SAP EWM mobile.
Generate RF transactions automatically.

With MSB, you can quickly and easily design mobile applications for SAP EWM by automatically generating MSB applications using the screens created in the RF screen manager. You can use the integrated graphics tool to edit and expand the MSB transactions created from RF transactions as you wish, independently of the SAP standard. All generation steps are carried out automatically in the background. This eliminates the time-consuming confirmation of each individual screen and processes can be implemented quickly.

You can also use the MSB Generator for ITS to create applications based on SAP ITS transactions. Existing ITS applications can be transferred to MSB with just a few mouse clicks and adapted and optimized using the graphics tool.

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MSB App auf mobilen Endgeräten

Connecting mobile devices to SAP.
An app that is fun!

The MSB app establishes secure communication with your SAP system. This allows you to run previously created applications for SAP business processes directly on your mobile devices. The MSB app on the end devices (with iOS or Android operating systems) ensures deep integration into the hardware and therefore optimum usability. The intuitive process guidance through the work steps and the directly integrated device functions (such as camera or scanner control) make operation easy for the user. With minimal familiarization and training effort.

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Mobile in one day.
Ready-to-use templates for a direct start.

A range of ready-to-use templates for standard transactions are available for the fast and cost-effective implementation and realization of mobile data capture projects. These cover frequently occurring mobile processes in various application areas. They can be used directly with minimal configuration effort, serve as a template for your own projects or be adapted and expanded as required using the integrated developer tools.


Use Ready-to-use Template

80% of the development effort at the start of the project.

Customize individually

Define the remaining 20% for your processes and needs.

Mobile in one day

Start your mobile project straight away and be mobile in one day.
MSB Device Connector: Connection of external peripherals to SAP

Connecting external systems to SAP.
A piece of cake with MSB.

Our software allows you to connect external systems for communication directly to your SAP system. We have developed special plug-ins for various devices, such as weighing and scanner systems, as well as sensors and controllers, to ensure simple and smooth data exchange.

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SAP zertifiziert

Secure investment for the future

Very long product lifetime – the first version of MSB was launched in 2004. MSB is re-certified by SAP every year. The current certification took place in March 2021 for S/4HANA 2021.

What added value does MSB offer you?