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Mobisys Quadrat Blau

Efficient intralogistics –
We focus on the user

Special conditions in logistics and production supply place special requirements on a mobile solution. On the one hand, the workflows of logistics employees are expected to become more efficient with mobile devices (e.g. faster picking). At the same time, however, the quality of the work is also to be increased (e.g. avoidance of incorrect postings).

MSB = Clear, efficient processes and structured processes.


Mobile SAP processes that inspire everyone!

You want to know how to

  • mobilize your processes efficiently and effectively?
  • increase user adoption?
  • start your mobile project immediately?

With our SAP add-on Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB), you can easily and directly mobilize your SAP processes. The applications optimized for logistics increase usability and thus enable faster picking with increased work quality.

The added value for your logistics processes becomes measurable:

Eindeutige Materialzuordnung in der mobilen SAP-Instandhaltung


unique assignment of materials

Effizienter Materialfluss in der SAP-Instandhaltung durch die mobile Software-Lösung von mobisys


more efficient material flow

Schnelle Materialbereitstellung in der mobilen SAP-Instandhaltung


faster material delivery

Zeiteinsparung durch Laufwege mit MSB in der mobilen SAP-Instandhaltung


time saving for running paths

Ready-to-use Template Lagerverwaltung

SAP EWM: UX optimized

at the push of a button

Minimum effort – maximum speed: Designing mobile processes in a user-optimized way. In logistics, clear, efficient processes and structured procedures are essential. Our SAP add-on helps you to mobilize your EWM processes – almost automatically. Mobile applications designed with our tool provide optimal usability, for example through the integrated scanner control. And the MSB EWM ITS Cockpit makes generating screens tremendously easy.

Learn more about SAP EWM and mobile add-ons.

More about SAP EWM

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UX in logistics – holistic usability

Achieve optimum usability designed specifically for the requirements in logistics. Our tool offers you integrated scanner control, templates for suitable fonts, button sizes and color contrasts, light and dark themes, etc. Good usability does not end with a beautiful design. We see usability as a holistic concept.

  • Best user experience for users and developers
  • Savings through effective work processes
  • High data quality and optimum usability

Start directly & customize to your needs

Mobilize your logistics processes with MSB Ready-to-use Templates. Choose from nearly 100 templates for SAP processes from maintenance, logistics, production and more, and easily adapt them to your individual needs with the integrated developer tool. Mobile logistics processes (SAP SD, SAP EWM, SAP MM, SAP MIGO, SAP WM/Stock Room) in SAP:

  • Goods management
  • Goods receipt & Goods issue
  • Warehouse management
  • Stock putaway & Transfers
  • Commissioning & Packaging
  • Transport orders
  • Bill of materials
  • Transfers
  • Inventories
Ready-to-use templates for fast mobilization of SAP processes

What added value does MSB offer you?