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Mobisys Quadrat Blau

Mobile Processes with SAP EWM

Mobile logistics processes made easy!

With our SAP add-on you mobilize all EWM processes – almost by itself. We also support the standard RF framework that SAP delivers with the EWM system.

  • Apps, also via ITS, automatically UX-optimized
  • Quite simply also with the standard RF framework
  • Without session loss in case of dead spots

Mobile applications for EWM that are designed with our tool automatically have optimal usability, for example through the integrated scanner control. They are intuitive in their application and guide the user purposefully through the logistics processes.

Generate extremely simplified screens

With the MSB EWM ITS Cockpit, the generation of MSB screens from the RF screen manager generated screens is extremely simplified. All generation steps are executed automatically in the background. This eliminates, among other things, the time-consuming confirmation of each individual screen.

  • Conveniently adopt screens that have already been optimized
  • Easily reprogram frequently used RF transactions
  • Add more labels to masks, hide or replace labels
  • Combine ITS mobile transactions and native MSB transactions

Optimal usability in logistics

  • Apps are directly generated UX-optimized for ITS
  • Templates for logistics with suitable fonts, button sizes, color contrasts and much more
  • Light and dark theme selectable depending on lighting conditions
  • Individual adjustments very easy, e.g. to company design


High performance apps

  • Data traffic between mobile device and SAP reduced by 70%
  • Abort-free communication with the backend – even at external locations with WLAN connection
  • Session management adapted to specific needs in the warehouse
  • Integration of device-specific features, such as camera function


Savings through advantageous features

  • Integrated scanner control enables blind scanning
  • Avoidance of incorrect entries through intelligent messages and tones
  • Significant time savings due to significantly improved ergonomics of the application
  • Reduced workload and thus increased user satisfaction

What added value does MSB offer you?