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Mobisys Quadrat Blau

Optimal user experience – for users, developers & IT

Mobile SAP-Prozesse mit optimaler User Experience

We see UX as a whole!

Clear and structured screens on mobile devices are important for end users. Labels and buttons must be easy to grasp, fields easy to operate and device functions easy to control. Optimal usability does not end here for us!

It also means that developers can develop and customize applications quickly and easily with useful tools, that IT has little effort in maintaining and servicing the infrastructure and that end users have no problems with session losses or disconnections. We take a holistic view of user experience and ensure optimal usability in all areas.

Mobile SAP processes for enthusiastic end users

Focus on the user: Many factors such as poor lighting conditions, gloves or small displays make working in the warehouse extremely difficult. Easy-to-understand work processes and a reduced user interface on which all important information can be easily recorded are therefore of great importance, especially in the logistics environment. With the mobisys solution, you have tools and functions that make employees’ everyday work easier. Intuitive processes that can be executed quickly and error-free increase user satisfaction and ultimately ensure higher work and data quality.

  • Best user experience for users
  • Increased productivity
  • High data quality
  • Reduced training times and costs
  • Minimized input errors and downtime

UX Highlights

Intuitive user interface

Less is more: smart screens for smart processes

Mobile devices have the disadvantage of a small display, which is why reduced screens with a smart design are particularly important. Large buttons and input fields, clear labels and unambiguous error messages ensure optimum readability and usability.

Useful device features

Streamline work steps with useful features

The full potential of mobile devices is exploited through the targeted use of device features such as integrated scanner and camera control, signature fields or RFID/NFC and GPS.

Audio signals and error messages

Fewer errors thanks to acoustic and visual signals

Sound signals and error messages provide users with direct feedback. This means that the process can be reduced to the most necessary steps and still be carried out without errors.

Dark- & Light-Theme

Optimum readability under difficult conditions

Content on the displays must be just as easily recognizable in dark, poorly lit storage rooms as it is in strong sunlight and reflections outdoors.

Corporate Design

Strengthening your brand and employee loyalty

Embedding the applications in the corporate design specifications and integrating your own images and logos increases employee identification with the company and strengthens your brand image.

Usability does not end with a beautiful design!

Stability & performance for your SAP processes

It is not only the design that is decisive for user satisfaction. Optimal usability of the mobile applications is much more important. The outstanding performance of the application and the technical guarantee of uninterrupted communication with the backend play a major role here. A stable Internet connection is not always available. The Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB) also works in poorly lit warehouse areas. Transactions are secure even if the connection is interrupted. Another plus point is the simple infrastructure, which makes your IT department’s day-to-day work much easier. MSB is directly integrated into SAP and receives regular releases. This reduces maintenance to a minimum and relieves your IT department!

  • Best user experience for end users
  • Increased productivity & higher data quality
  • Reduced training time and costs
  • Minimized input errors and downtime
  • One infrastructure: direct integration of MSB into SAP
  • Fewer IT resources required

Create & customize applications & screens individually

Developer tools for more individuality: Practical developer tools also ensure the optimum user experience for application developers. Special process requirements or design requests are often associated with costs or great effort. With the developer tools from mobisys, SAP processes can be designed with ABAP know-how and individual screens can be created.

  • Satisfied application developers
  • Quick & easy customization of applications
  • Low support costs
  • No dependence on external resources
Developing applications with MSB
benutzerfreundliche Screens per Drag & Drop mit dem MSB Screendesigner
SAP zertifiziert

Secure investment for the future

Very long product lifetime – the first version of MSB was launched in 2004. MSB is re-certified by SAP every year. The current certification took place in March 2021 for S/4HANA 2021.

What added value does MSB offer you?