Leaner logistics processes thanks to the MSB Mobisys Solution Builder. Mobile processes optimize paths and reduce sources of errors as they replace manual activities such as carrying lists. Additional information, especially relevant in picking, is displayed on mobile devices in a user-friendly manner.

The MSB Device Connector enables you to connect weighing systems or automatic racking systems, for example. In addition to traditional 1D bar codes, the use of 2D bar codes or RFID labels is becoming increasingly common in logistics. mobisys also supports these technologies on mobile devices, which means you can adjust your processes at any time and always be up to date.

Goods receipt

Transfer postings

Goods withdrawals

Stock putaway

Stock Transfer

Picking and packing


Equipped with mobile warehouse processes. Ready to meet the competition. mobilcom-debitel uses the MSB Mobisys Solution Builder to mobilize its warehouse processes

freenet Group is a consumer-oriented telecommunications company with the strong mobile network brand mobilcom-debitel, its digital lifestyle provider. It considers customer proximity across all sales channels indispensable for its success and for maintaining a strong market position. The prerequisite for this is a supply chain that operates perfectly. This is why the company uses mobile mapping for warehouse management at its logistics centers in Oberkrämer and Büdelsdorf, Germany. The company’s decision makers chose the MSB Mobisys Solution Builder, a certified SAP add-on. It is seamlessly integrated in the company’s existing SAP landscape.
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