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Mobisys Quadrat Blau

MSB for mobile SAP Processes

Process controlled applications fast & easy

Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB) users work quickly and pragmatically in an application area where a lot has to be done in a short time. Your benefit with MSB:

  • Clear user guidance for correct execution of the work steps and high quality of the data
  • MSB also supports older operating systems and an upgrade of the end devices is possible successively at any time

Mobile SAP warehouse management at mobilcom-debitel

The company now maps its warehouse management in the logistics centers on a mobile basis. The mobile MSB Client maps important logistics processes economically and creates the necessary transparency and flexibility through the mobile processes, from the putaway of goods to the stock transfer from storage bin to storage bin, to the retrieval of goods and their delivery.

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Mobile with just a few clicks

ABAP developers create or expand easily pixel-based applications using the MSB Screen Designer. Easily change existing screens or create new layouts and save them directly in your SAP system. The adaptation of existing applications is also simple and flexible – with minimal training.

Secure Communication

MSB Client and MSB App establish secure communication to your SAP system, optionally via http or via https protocol.

Independently applicable

The MSB Client is developed for all MDE devices of the common Windows operating systems. The MSB App is available for iOS or Android devices.

Online & Offline

The targeted use of device features such as scanner, camera, RFID/NFC and GPS exploits the full potential of mobile devices.

Low Traffic

Due to the lean structure and low data traffic between SAP and your mobile devices, MSB offers you high performance.

One Language

You only need ABAP knowledge to adapt and extend your processes yourself – or to develop completely new applications according to your individual requirements.

Device features

Through the targeted use of device features, such as scanner, camera, RFID/NFC and GPS, the full potential of mobile devices is exhausted.

Storage location info: An example from production

What added value does MSB offer you?