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The maintenance area often harbors dormant optimization potential. MSB enables global integration of SAP mobility and with it, process optimization in maintenance.

The modular UI framework for simple application development provides a clear presentation and simple management of current maintenance processes. The mobile solution can be integrated in the existing SAP environment without middleware. Authorizations are assigned in user administration. As a result, everyone involved – whether manager or technician – gets the information they need in real time.

You benefit from the reliability of a standard software solution, while at the same time can effortlessly create a custom maintenance solution that is tailored to your specific needs. Printed checklists become a thing of the past, replaced through digitalization, with ultramodern technology that guarantees efficient workflows.

MSB offers an innovative integration platform that shows the SAP processes simply and directly. The UI framework has been repeatedly certified by SAP.

Functions in mobile maintenance

Under MSB for modern maintenance, mobile devices are connected directly to the SAP system, without any intermediate servers. MSB is a standardized software product that you can adapt individually to your mobile maintenance processes.

MSB lets you create and change maintenance notifications at any time. Another feature of the maintenance solution is the inclusion of photos and display of documents for each order.

Data entry is simplified through selection list and search help functions. It goes without saying that material withdrawals can also be posted easily.

  • Notification entry and processing
  • Inclusion of photos
  • Display of documents
  • Posting of material withdrawals
  • Transmission of location data
  • Scanning of bar codes
  • Confirming order completion
  • Entry of measured values

Benefits of a mobile maintenance solution

Successful companies are often characterized by the responsible utilization of available resources. Efficient management plays a particularly important role in maintenance. A smart mobile solution lets companies cut costs and gain a competitive advantage.

Communications between the specialist department and field engineers are direct and expeditious. Our mobile application enables the assignment of maintenance orders in real time and lets users respond quickly.

The intuitive use of our mobile solution makes it extremely popular among users. This, in turn, leads to much more streamlined administrative processes. The elimination of common sources of errors and redundant work gives productivity a direct boost.

MSB offers a smart mobile solution to optimize your maintenance processes and effective use of resources.

  • High quality of maintenance data
  • Time savings through mobile data entry
  • Transparent and current
  • Data in real time

Mobile maintenance – on any operating system or device

MSB lets you use any operating system with the same maintenance application:




You can use MSB for your maintenance no matter which mobile or stationary devices you use:
RFID readers, Android tablet PCs, iPhones, iPads, or Windows-based industrial handhelds, and many more.

The software also helps you capture the full potential of your mobile devices, ensuring high data quality by using specific device features such as integrated bar code scanners, GPS, and camera and RFID modules.

Mobile maintenance at Otto Fuchs

OTTO FUCHS KG mobilizes maintenance. MSB Mobisys Solution Builder facilitates seamless processes.

OTTO FUCHS KG optimizes maintenance for components that have monitoring requirements, such as crane slings and other load-bearing elements, as well as fire extinguishers. To achieve this, the technology supplier, based in Meinerzhagen, Germany, relies on SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) and the MSB Mobisys Solution Builder. All maintenance plans can be called in the SAP system via mobile handheld devices, where the individual maintenance steps can be seamlessly played back. Every single component has an RFID tag attached to it. This allows the service employees to use the MSB client to work through the maintenance items stored in the SAP system – both online and offline.

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